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Over the years we have found that Devon and the South Hams district offer an endless supply of 'things to do'. The South Hams district truly offers something for all the family, regardless of time of year or weather conditions. Of course, Spring and Summer are the peak periods for the region as Ivybridge and the other local towns gear-up for visitors, and the beaches, the cliff walking and the moor walking offer some of the best outdoor activity which the West Country has to offer.

Yes, one of the enduring attractions of the South Hams is the range of activities which it offers and the natural attractions which can be accessed throughout the year. For instance, take the short golf course cliff walk from Thurlestone to Bantham Sands. The 4 seasons offer up such contrasts, even for the simplest of walks; in Summer, a very pleasant shirt-sleeve wander in beautiful scenery with the English Channel seascape offering a bewildering, sun-kissed backdrop; in Autumn, the same walk can present a wind-swept and often breathtakingly dramatic challenge of a cliff-walk; the same walk in Winter and Spring presents different challenges. Yet, all year round, peace and tranqulity are the common features.

Thus, the challenge of a Links page such as this one is to present all of the attractions of the South Hams regardless of the time of year or the area of interest. So, below, we provide a number of links to external websites which give a flavour of the range of activities accessible from a convenient South Hams location. These links will open in new browser pages. If you stumble across other relevant sites during your internet meanderings, make sure you let us know.

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